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Please note that this web site has moved to a new host. If you came here via www.otteryconsulting.co.uk, that link should continue to take you to my current website, but http://www.otteryconsulting.wordpress.com will no longer be updated.

What we do

Gone are the days when any of us could expect that things would carry on the same way for years or even decades. These days, we are all faced with the apparently constant need to adapt and change. However, the mere fact that a change is going to happen does not mean either that your teams will simply accept it, or that it will be accomplished effectively.

Projects are constantly evolving, but the rate of change is especially challenging when a major project transitions from planning and promotion to delivery. The management team has enough to do to keep delivery moving forward and sponsors happy. Planning and managing this transition, taking account of long term needs and with minimum distraction to staff, can be a job in itself.

Of course, change is not limited to projects, and the same is true for any disruptive change. When the strategic objectives and the strategy change, the organisation usually needs to change too to stay aligned. However, the scale of the changes and the demands of making them are often underestimated, even when there is recognition that changes need to be properly managed.

We bring the strategic thinking and planning skills needed to define the changes required clearly, together with the people skills to keep everyone on side and the focus to make it happen, allowing your management team to concentrate on doing their day jobs.