We help managers to keep their organisation working effectively as they go through strategic change. Three specific areas where we can help, all to do with different aspects of keeping things joined up, are described below.

Often in a strategic change,

  • although the ultimate goal of the change is clear, intermediate and task goals and outputs are defined inadequately or not at all. Without these, it is hard to measure progress, or to know whether the results are what you need to remain on target.

We can help managers to specify clearly what is to be achieved at each step, and then define (and if required implement) the action plans to get there.

  • some processes or systems change, but others that they should connect to do not, or new ones are required, or the inputs and outputs change and the processes need adapting to reflect this. The symptoms are often indirect – perhaps there is just a perception that things are not working very well.

We can help identify and fix processes and interfaces that are no longer working effectively, or are not joined up as they should be, so that different parts of the business fit together properly.

  • parts of the business can get out of step with each other or with stakeholders because they are no longer receiving the right information when they need it to stay joined up.

We can help make sure that the regular communications (e.g. periodic reporting) needed to keep different areas of the business and its stakeholders aligned are effective.

In summary, when an organisation faces strategic change, we can help manage the disruption by developing joined-up strategies and implementing solutions which have minimum unintended consequences.